Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps are a new way to build mobile apps for the Web. Developed under Angular, PWAs are designed to work with all web browsers, on all types of devices: phones, tablets, computers. Their main advantage is to provide an exceptional user experience, including many benefits such as push notifications, offline mode and direct access, without downloading

Runs on your Server

You wont need to buy a hosting package to host the app. Its basically on your server and its seamless

Feel the App World

Nearly 95% of internet users uses phones. Its easy to use phone than computer. Feel the app world today with PWA Technology & web users too

No Updates

The app needs zero update to any codebase. It synchronizes with your website

Real Freedom

You can opt to run entirely on the PWA Technology. However if you want to go Native you can convert your PWA to Native App. Real freedom

Real Speed

PWA are much faster than website, they load less js codes and thus they give user a better experience than websites

Push Notifications

With Progressive Web Apps, you can interact with your audience by sending notification. Its just like a real App at hand, nothing beats this

The Future of PWA

The technology is evolving each day. Today you can build anything entirely native and much more on the Web. The Web is the future of mobile. Same codebase, for all platforms. If you have a wordpress website we can convert it into an app (PWA)