About us

Orion Group it’s a Company of talented developers with its founders being Developer Steve and Developer Okumu, who work towards expertise in enhancing excellence. The company was established in 2018 to bring tech solutions to businesses or individuals all over the world for their problems, using modern technologies.


We say coming up short to arrange could be a huge arrange to come up short. We try our best to provide the client the leading approach to each extend we handle. Investigate our approach the errands


SEAL the Deal

For each contract we require to sign the contact reports with the client. This essentially implies the client is in assention to the contract with us Plans specifying the venture scope


Make Installments

We require the client to pay 60% of the agreed project total cost upfront. In our contract document we mention the mode of payments to be used depending with the project


Coding begins

As soon the client make payment and avail all the required materials we begin to work on the project and deliver. We also add the client to the project management portal